Thursday, June 3, 2010

Riding to Work Easy on the Mind, Hard on the Hair

Riding to work: from way south Lincoln to UNL campus...I can clip it in about 35 minutes, depending on traffic. Yes, riding my bike to work...wonderful time of year. For me, it is a stress-less time. Time to just enjoy the trails and forget I'm going to work!

I am sort of a fair-weather rider. But I have good reasons! Before I decide if I'm biking or driving I check the day's forecast. Reason 1) I don't want to get caught in a storm on the trek back home. Reason 2) I check my day's calendar. If I have a work task that requires a vehicle, I don't ride. If I have to go somewhere after work, I don't bike. And... if I have a meeting outside my normal summer work activities (which I pretty much stay in my office), I don't bike. Why? Relates to the weather and MY HAIR! You guys have no idea about this curly frizz. The NOA certainly has no worries. My boss even says, "Gee, the humidity is hard on the hair today, isn't it?" Thanks Doug.

When I do ride there will be no beauty queen that day. Hair up in something, clothes/shoes that fit into the backpack. Zip your mug and like it.

The greatest thing a company could do for their employees is provide healthy snacks, give time to work out/exercise, and provide a place to sponge off. We have showers in our building (it was an old dormitory), but water is shut off. I suppose that would open a huge can of worms asking for water to do a quick spin rinse.

I am also a weenie. The NOA took a nasty spill recently. A fellow cycling instructor also took a dive going through the 27th street underpass. During our 2 inches of rain the other night, that same underpass looked like this (left). So I'm sure my bike commute should take less than 35 minutes but I like to get there in one piece.

I would also like to encourage anyone who has not yet been down the Antelope Valley way to take a walk on the new path in the O Street area. It's absolutely wonderful!

Speaking of which, there's nothing that frosts me than this crap!!! I know where there's a shovel, 90 degrees, rocks and a ditch that would solve some of those problems.

A friend of mine had a good idea for the Nacho pass the bucket and put in a buck every Tuesday and donate the proceeds to maintenance of the MoPac Trail (or trails in general.) Maybe that's something to toss out there? Nothing better than our trail system!


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