Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TdN in One Week

Well kids, we'll be off to south central Neb. a week from today. Of course, my nerves have started in. Only because we didn't get in near enough training this least recommended training, and it remains to be seen how much damage that will cause.

This year starting in Clay Center, then to Minden, Cambridge, Alma, Red Cloud, then back to CC. It's funny. Last year's route was in northeast Neb. I was not familiar with the area, but when asking a co-worker about the terrain prior to the ride, she said, "Well it's not flat. You'll be ok." With that fade at the end and a hint of "hang onto your shorts,'re screwed." And that it was.

This year seems to be a bit less taxing. But with less miles in the saddle prior to June 23 (weather was LOUSY!), we'll see how the 40+yr old bodies hold up. Especially on the 78-mile day. Photo above was taken during last year's 73-miler. That was one of the only two beers I had all day. Truly! I was toast after the day was done.

Well, reading last year's blog reports makes me excited for next week. Knowing it will not be easy, but knowing there will be lots of last year - things we found funny: Uncle Rico, Iron Man, the two fat guys... things we found weird: the trowel, the prosthetic leg, this guy named 'Mike,'...and things that were very special: peace and quiet, memories of growing up on a farm, good conversation, overcoming challenges, Shari singing (ok maybe not).

Stay tuned for next week's blog reports! They're sure to be full of entertainment.


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