Monday, August 2, 2010

Every Childhood Should Include Memories of a Bicycle

How many of us had a bicycle growing up? I'd bet almost all of us did. It was our major source of transportation for many years. I can't imagine my childhood without a bike. Of course we know millions of children don't grow up with such a luxury. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to grow up with a bike, we are eternally grateful to be so blessed.

I have sort of sat back and watched my co-worker's adventure in obtaining a bike for his youngest son. Dad has been working to teach his son to ride an older bike they owned. Unfortunately, the bike wasn't in good shape and his son struggled, but has still been working at it. Over the weekend, dad found a bike to buy for his son's birthday. I can only imagine the wide-eyes, smile and excitement his son will display when he gets the bike tomorrow as his gift.

Everyone can recall memories of riding a bike in their childhood. The story always starts, "We used to..." and always included "it would be dark by the time we..."

Tomorrow's birthday gifting will be special because the boy experienced a serious medical condition when he was very small and will have challenges throughout his life. (I don't want to go any further with detail out of respect/privacy for their family.) Dad told me his son has braces on his legs along with other physical and mental challenges. It has been a tough just to get the crank turned to pedal. However, dad has worked with him, and is making progress.

So tomorrow's bike gifting day is extra special. It is the start of the boy's own stories that he will tell when he is older. I bet those stories just might start with, "I remember when I got a bike for my birthday."

The adventure is just beginning for the son, but Dad's also going to have a few more heartwarming stories to tell about a bicycle and a childhood.


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