Monday, September 13, 2010

College Student Quips Provide Interesting Life Views

"I have a second personality that sometimes just randomly kicks my a$$..."

"It was a fairly lame assignment but I took a lot away from it actually..."

"Once you get married things just change, like the whole relationship changes. And then I suppose it's just like, bleh."

Having lunch at the UNL dining center by yourself can provide for lots of interesting entertainment: watching what students are wearing...basically the fashion statement is Nike running shorts, flip flops and a tshirt...anything more than that is definitely overdressed... noticing what they're eating: flip-flop girl - a bowl of vegetables and a Mountain Dew...she went back for a cookie... and fried is definitely still king. And listening.

The group of young ladies in back of me holding a random conversation...white noise until one said, "The survey we talked about in class today said if you live with someone you are more likely to get divorced than if you just get married then move in together. My mom and dad got married after six months of just dating. Geez."

The ladies continued to discuss breaking up with a boyfriend, why you would want to date the same guy and then just get married because there's nothing else to do. They continued to talk about their friend's crazed obsessive relationship.

"I can't understand why you would want to date for a year then spend 60 years with the same person. I mean, you have fun dating, then you get married and the whole relationship changes and it just becomes like, bleh." The group agreed, got up and walked past the kid with an entire plate of chicken nuggets, fried mini shrimp and two glasses of Mountain Dew.

That's when I heard the statement come from the group of guys to my right mention the second personality that "randomly kicks his a$$." Maybe it's the same type of personality that kicked in for the kid who found something meaningful in the lame assignment.

Not implying and no point to be made, just sayin', it was an interesting day at the dining center. Now I hope my second personality takes over so I can get some work done.


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